Woke up and didn't know where I was and what day it was.

That's okay, the brain said, let's just turn over and sleep some more until we do.
But through the haze came the screaming of one little braincell: Hey, we haven't felt like this in ages, so this must be wrong!
Rest of the brain went: Blah blah, too busy turning this lump of flesh on its other side to understand a word of what you're saying.

So then I found out that this one braincell is where my savior complex and megalomania live, all of my universe saving in the face of Armageddon powers reside. Because that tiny little braincell kept on whispering 'Alert! Alert!' but helped turning over the lump of flesh anyway, because its a cunning little braincell, you see.
All it had to do next is open one eye, just a tiny bit while its colleagues were snuggling down into sleep again.
And there it was.
08:15 screaming red in the dark.
Look, messiah-cell pointed, look. It's past seven!
It took another second for the message to gently roll home.

And then it was out of bed, stumble downstairs and grab a cat...


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