The Valley

Goddamn, and it's hot and dry here. For as far as they eye can see. Wish I had a smoke now.

I dared God didn't I? Said next time I would hold up my goddamned dead cat as the accusation it was meant to be.

'xcept, cat didn't die. Just got that damned luxury hoe disease: diabetes. Yup, right when I finally thought I got my life back where I wanted, with dad living in his own place, crazy mom in the other, 'social' brother somewhere where everybody can see the pics and nobody ever question whether dude has his very own mom and pop alive yet besides mom-in-law in the pics.

It's in the little big things, isn't it? Seriously, I'm so happy it ain't the kidneys that went kaphloey. Slightly gnnnignni at the vet for not wanting to check his blood earlier because something's been wrong for a while, and no it's not a sudden flea allergy but hey in the meanwhile he lost all his ballast and more.

Happy happy. But this is me, getting up at least 7h30 to feed a cat and jab him with insulin, for the next ten years or more. Being home at 19u30 to 20h to do the same. Shit bastards were supposed to be my freedom in comparison with kids.

I hear you say, digiblips, that's where and when one learns not to dare God and shit.

You're using my cat against me, bitch? I'm going to find the nastiest chthonic bastard and team up to bring that fuck down, yeah.


There's no fresh eyes like your own after taking a break from writing for whatever reason.

Existence of flow, and happiness, proven when you encounter well written scenes that you don't remember writing. Might look like modesty failing, saying such, but imagining some other genius writer hacked my computer to patch up my stories might be more than modesty fail alone.

All that was planned is either filtered and crystallized or erased.  In this time has a no nonsense, firm and patient hand.Choices I hesitated to make, now obvious.

Starving the Cow Watcher may have shriveled my language skills, but it seems I came out of the dark tunnel with a map in hand. Places I needed to go if only I knew the route lay waiting.

Let's go.

Oh hay.

Am back.
Stuff happened.
Let's make this a new beginning,
but mind, easy does it.
Slow steps.
& small sips.