Never mind April's either. Hello May!

Hi there digiblips, thought I disappeared, didn't you? Well, I might be fading at the edges, but I'm still here. Last couple of months have seen a lot of reading, too lot even.Words go in, and in, and in, and some day they'll have to come out again.

I'm as displaced as the weather these days. Medium temp of 9° C in April, really? Making up for global warming are we? And only three days into the month, May is already trying to beat April in precipitation records. But even with these wintry wet past weeks, there's ticks all over the cats, garden surging into jungle again, and still no 30 hours in a day to fix my eternally fumbling time-management. The long weekend was the first relaxed one in over a year, with dad spending a short stay at a home and our life and house shortly returning to whatever normal was. Slept awfully well, but now Cow Watcher's all caught up and so I've had two restless nights with Dungeon Congestion and yet, no writing. Just thinking up correction on texts I haven't touched eyeball with for a long time.

Displaced. What was that thing I was doing again? Where did I do it? And when?

What was that name you called me? And why did you go so soon?

The crows lift their caw on the wind, and the wind changed and was lonely.

Somehow cold wet dark autumny days always remind me of this Carl Sandburg poem...