Oh my, September came and went for sure. Outside we have our protests, but autumn , so it always felt to me, is a season for introspection.

Maybe, someday, I'll share what I've found.

Meanwhile, as the French say, excuses are made to help yourself, so here: since the beginning of September my dad moved in with the hubby and me. All's well, though maybe a bit small in the housing department. Let's give it at leas two months more before making purse-changing decisions about size and modalities of housing.
Between this new way of living and the new fencing season, in the club as well as in the fencing federation, I've little energy left to type. So I'm niggling away at the things that I always wanted to do with Dreams of Cold Stone, with images and font.

Who knows, one day I'll run out of excuses and I'll have no choice but to luluize the bloody manuscript.