The Cross

Hello there, strangers, we must stop meeting like this.

How are you, digiblips?
Because, I'm having a major bum day.

A sort of AA day.

Hello, my name is Wildheit and I'm addicted to saying yes. I will try to help you, and anybody that asks for that matter, to the detriment of my own life and health.

Add some tears for effect.

Also add a sprinkle of failure, because you can't help everybody. You just go tits up.

The tats... The tats you get in people telling you no and sorry and all the lame and half-assed excuses you know so very well because they bounce around in your head, day in, day out, but never roll, slip or stumble from your tongue. They make it sounds so easy!

And when you're really done with trying and trying, there is but one option: admitting failure.

Rat's ass, that's even harder than saying no.

Cue the flood.