To hell in a basket

I wake up and find this waiting for me: *drool* and YAY!

So I scurry over to Amazon, jump hoops (no, don't need no software with my mp3 because I don't use *i* or MS shit for my music KTHX) and then come to that moment where my hate for Amazon is confirmed and I realize Trent has his moments as an ass:

We are sorry...
    We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
*headdesk* always apologizing aren't they? I hate them because I want this, but hate them more when they make me lose my time. They can read where I am from my IP addy, they can sluice me ads related to whatever is in the cookiebox, but still they let me add stuff to my basket of which I will only be averted that I can not have it delivered to Belgium when I jump the actual buy hoops. What's up with that?

Furthermore, half the time the apology arrives not because A) the store limits shipping to a certain territory, or B) law (or copyright) restrictions. I've had it happen that I could not order an item (from cool rpg dice to books) through Amazon from a certain storefront, and when fed up with Amazon's antics and switching to the store's own online presence found that there was no restriction at all. What's up with that? Is it quirky programming in Amazon's database, or an intentional skewing (skewering?) policy?

EDIT 12th May: and now there's an iTune link too. And I don't do iTune. Ah well, let's just wait for summer...


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